Red Wind Casino

At Red Wind Casino, you'll find a haven of peace where you may relax, revitalize, and immerse yourself in gaming and entertainment options. As you set off on an extraordinary tour packed with adventure, leisure, and the wonders of the Pacific Northwest, have the perfect getaway!

Relaxed Location and Atmosphere

Red Wind Casino is endowed with a scenic site that wonderfully reflects the splendor of the Pacific Northwest. It is located in the magnificent Olympia, Washington. The casino offers a tranquil environment because gorgeous natural settings surround it.

The serene environment creates the ideal setting for a delightful and unwinding gaming experience. The welcome ambiance provided by the breathtaking landscapes and serene atmosphere will make your stay genuinely unforgettable, whether you're searching for excitement at the gaming tables or to unwind with your preferred entertainment alternatives.

Plenty of Gaming Options

There are a variety of exhilarating games available, so there is something for every player to enjoy at Red Wind Casino.

With more than 1,670 cutting-edge slot machines at your disposal, enter an exciting world of spinning reels and intriguing themes. Explore the wide variety and lose yourself in the thrill. There is a game that will hold your interest whether you are an experienced slot player or a novice to the spinning action.

With an excellent selection of table games created to cater to all sorts of players, the gaming thrill continues. Play well-known games like Lucky Ladies Blackjack and Emperor's Challenge Pai Gow Poker to test your abilities and tactics. You may broaden your gaming horizons by playing other games like roulette, heads-up hold'em, and 10x odds craps. With such a large selection of games, you can always find an exciting alternative that matches your favorite betting style and degree of expertise.

Alternatively, visitors can participate in the exciting activity at their Sportsbook, which location offers an immersive and enjoyable setting where you can join the pros and place your wagers, whether you are an experienced sports bettor or new to the game. The Red Wind Casino Sportsbook is the place for all sports fans, whether they enjoy watching tense football games, enthralling basketball games, or everything in between.

Club Red - Rewards

You will have access to various interesting incentives as a Club Red member, including cash and prizes promotions. Joining Club Red gives you access to special invites and discounts only available to members, including retail rewards, points to pump, 50% off dining, and birthday rewards! The incentives and advantages you will enjoy as a club member will increase as you play more!

Accept your competitive nature and take the chance to sign up for Club Red. Stop by the Club Red Cashier desk at Red Wind Casino to join up, and our helpful staff will walk you through the process. You will have the opportunity to get up to $100 in Free-Play as a special bonus for new members on the day you join, which will make your gaming experience even more exciting!

Furthermore, Red Wind Casino has an exclusive Military VIP Card. These members can take advanatge of exclusive benefits, including eating discounts of 15%, promotional deals, and gaming discounts. Additionally, on certain days, guests may get 30% off eating.

Restaurants and Bars

Enjoy the wide range of culinary options at Red Wind Casino, where each restaurant offers an exceptional and enjoyable dining experience. Whatever your inclination, these food alternatives will satisfy your appetite and make your trip to the casino more enjoyable.

Medicine Creek Deli: A cafeteria-style setting where you may savor a variety of wraps, salads, sandwiches, and snacks makes Medicine Creek Deli the ideal choice for those looking for a quick and fulfilling snack. This kid- and family-friendly restaurant is ideal for quick and delectable food for lunch or dinner.

River Water Bar & Grille: River Water Bar & Grille offers a sophisticated dining experience. Enjoy specialty delicacies made by chefs in a stylish environment that will tempt your taste buds. This is the place to be for an unforgettable dining experience, with succulent prime rib, delicious seafood dishes, and inventive cocktails.

Coho High Limit Room: Experience the world of high-stakes gambling and exclusivity. You'll have access to a premium full-service bar and various culinary options along with exciting gaming. Take advantage of the excellent food and drinks while basking in the first-class ambiance to elevate your gaming experience.

Pealo's Bar: Pealo's Bar is the perfect place to unwind and have fun while enjoying your favorite drinks, skilfully created by the knowledgeable bar staff. This is the ideal place to unwind, mingle, and enjoy yourself in a buzzy environment. There are delicious cocktails and an extensive range of drinks available.

Amenities and Facilities

Enjoy various facilities at Red Wind Casino that are intended to improve your stay and meet all your needs. Over 1,600 slot machines and a wide range of intriguing table games will engross you in the exhilarating gaming action for hours on end.

The five outstanding restaurants in the area will satisfy your needs for good food by providing a wide range of tastes and eating experiences. You'll discover the ideal place to sate your appetite and indulge in excellent food, from quick snacks to gourmet treats.

The sports bar offers a lively atmosphere where fans can watch their favorite events while sipping cool drinks and nibbling on delectable appetizers. As you support your team surrounded by other supporters, take in all the game's energy.

A large parking garage with 1,200+ spaces is available, making parking straightforward. Enjoy the comfort of a sizable smoke-free gaming room that provides non-smokers with a comfortable setting to enjoy their gaming hobbies. This special area enables a revitalizing and joyful gaming experience free from the annoyance of smoking.

Don't pass up the chance to browse the quirky and charming Potlach Gift Shop, where you may find one-of-a-kind products, souvenirs, and items with Native American influences. Find the ideal present for yourself or someone special and bring a bit of the experience home.

Community Engagement

The tribe donates a portion of its gaming revenue to local nonprofits to establish a robust framework of social services for the benefit of present and future generations of the community. A competitive application process is utilized to ensure that only deserving organizations receive support. In addition to charitable causes, the tribe also provides aid to community organizations and scholarship funds. This extensive program demonstrates the tribe's dedication to enhancing and supporting the community as a whole.

The Overall Experience

Every element of your experience at Red Wind Casino has been thoughtfully designed to guarantee your delight and enjoyment. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy and make enduring memories, from the numerous gaming possibilities to the exquisite eating selections, convenient parking, smoke-free gaming area, and charming gift store.