12 Tribes Resort Casino

12 Tribes Casino

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation own three of the most outstanding casinos in Washington: Lake Chelan Casino, Omak Casino Hotel, and Colee Dam Casino. Discover the thrilling games, amenities, dining options, and events each provides!

Location and Atmosphere

Discover the 12 Tribes Lake Chelan Casino Amphitheatre's alluring appeal, which is hidden within the lovely hamlet of Manson. Due to its proximity to the stunning Lake Chelan and its attractions, this location has gained popularity among locals and visitors. Enjoy a top-notch performance in an outdoor amphitheater setting while enjoying the area's natural splendor.

The spectacular 12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel can be found in the beautiful Omak foothills, not far from the Canadian border. This luxurious establishment provides a cutting-edge and energetic gaming atmosphere that accommodates the various desires of its guests. This company ensures visitors have a memorable and delightful time throughout their visit by providing large gaming rooms and a range of alluring attractions.

The 12 Tribes Coulee Dam Casino is ideal if you're looking for gaming fun among the majesty of the Grand Coulee Dam's surrounds. This casino welcomes visitors with open arms and offers a cheerful ambiance mixed with small-town charm. The casino provides various exciting alternatives that will captivate your senses whether you are an experienced player or a newcomer to the gaming world.

Each of these 12 Tribes' facilities highlights its own setting to provide guests with a distinctive and remarkable experience. These casinos provide a fascinating fusion of entertainment, hospitality, and a warm, inviting atmosphere that will leave you yearning, whether you're taking in the scenic beauties of Manson, marveling at the Omak foothills, or enjoying the beauty of the Grand Coulee Dam region.

Plenty of Gaming Options

At the renowned 12 Tribes Lake Chelan Casino, you may go on an exhilarating gaming trip and submerge yourself in a world of adrenaline and heart-pounding excitement. With a wide variety of more than 560 classic and cutting-edge games, you'll be enthralled by the limitless opportunities. Take a chance and experience the surge of excitement as you spin the reels, flip the cards, and partake in thrilling gaming.

At the 12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel, which has 480 exciting and varied games, you may test your skill and luck while getting incredible adrenaline. Take part in thrilling gaming experiences, get attractive incentives, or try to find luck by competing for progressive jackpots that might alter your life. The gaming floor is the entryway to success since it's there that the winning mix comes together. At the 12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel, you may join the ranks of winners and take pleasure in the glory of success.

The 12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel has live gaming action that puts you on edge. Enter a lively environment where welcoming live dealers await to ensure your gaming experience surpasses your expectations. Play four thrilling live games-Blackjack, Spanish 21, Four Card Poker, and Roulette-where the engrossing interactions and clever gameplay keep you enthralled for hours.

Fun Entertainment and Shows

The 12 Tribes Casino is well known for its exciting event schedule that ups the gaming experience's thrill factor. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the casino throughout the year, which presents a wide range of fun events and activities that appeal to different interests and tastes.

Additionally, the casino routinely works with neighborhood groups and charities to arrange community activities and fundraisers. These gatherings allow attendees a chance to make a difference while taking part in the celebrations, as well as a chance to give back to the community.

Delicious Dining and Culinary Offerings

At 12 Tribes Lake Chelan Casino, visitors can enjoy a night out with delicious cuisine, and a memorable setting is essential for everyone at the Crosswinds Restaurant, where they'll indulge in Pacific Northwest! The Heat Nightclub is ideal for enjoying your standard beverage or trying a novel specialty concoction if you want to let loose and have fun on the dancefloor. Lastly, visitors can satisfy every appetite at the Sands Café with traditional soups, salads, quick morning pastries, and coffee.

12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel also has plenty of options for visitors, including Element 78, which serves some of the best cocktails off the gaming floor. Alternatively, check out their Sweet Shop and have some yummy sugary treats. Tin Biscuits Kitchen serves quick eats all day round, and players can enjoy anything from a burger to a burrito. Lastly, you can feel cozy at Loggers Pubs with all the yummy warm pub food and local beverages on tap.

Spillway Bar & Grill is the perfect spot at Coulee Dam Casino to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, where visitors can enjoy a fun time with friends and family!

Loyalty and Rewards

Visitors can sign up for the Players Advantage Club (PAC) at any of the 12 Tribes Colville Casinos and earn points the more you play, which later on you can exchange for meals at their restaurants, luxurious spa treatments, hotel stays, exclusive discounts, and more!

Depending on a player's point balance, they can take advantage of the benefits of one of the four different advantage cards available: Adventurer, Explorer, Trailblazer, and Legend. Logically, the offers and benefits increase each time you upgrade!

Amenities and Facilities

The 12 Tribes Lake Chelan Casino Amphitheatre is proud to deliver extraordinary performances, events, and entertainment that go above and beyond. The roster at this venue offers a sensory feast for everyone who attends, with well-known bands and fascinating performers, such as Locash, Sublime with Rome, etc. The amphitheater's distinctive surroundings and first-rate presentations guarantee that every experience will be unique.

Take in the breathtaking natural splendor of the Lake Chelan region while experiencing the thrill of live entertainment. Thanks to the covered seats, you can enjoy the show in a cozy, enclosed setting while being protected from the weather.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate escape by settling into one of the chic guest rooms or suites at 12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel, where each has been painstakingly created to promote tranquility and relaxation while affording you unmatched views of the gorgeous Okanogan Country. Every detail has been carefully studied, from the large picture windows highlighting the area's natural beauty to the opulent bathrooms with spa-inspired designs. Furthermore, visitors can completely unwind in their luxe spa, where fantastic massage services are provided.

Responsible Gaming Initiatives

The 12 Tribes Casino places a high emphasis on responsible gaming. The casino works hard to ensure each member has a good time and is safe while playing. The casino is dedicated to promoting responsible gambling practices and provides assistance and educational resources to anybody in need. The staff has access to rigorous training initiatives that have trained them to recognize and address any potential signs of problem gambling. The casino also employs stringent age verification processes to stop children from gambling.

Helpful Customer Service

The customer service at the 12 Tribes Casino is exceptional, as the friendly staff provides visitors with welcoming arms. The helpful staff is available anytime, day or night, to help with any issue or query. Whether you need a recommendation, help with your reservation or some gaming issue, the members will kindly provide all the information you may need.

Great Overall Experience

The 12 Tribes Lake Chelan, the 12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel, and the 12 Tribes Coulee Dam Casino in Coulee Dam make up the 12 Tribes Colville Casinos which are outstanding casinos in Washington State.

Even though every casino provides a unique experience, they all share a dedication to offering remarkable guest experiences, thrilling gaming opportunities, unmatched customer care, and individualized player recognition, so head over to which better suits your need and have an experience of a lifetime!