Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Northern Quest Resort and Casino is one the top spots in Washington for exhilarating Vegas-style casino gaming. Experience the thrills when you enter the resort, which offers hotel rooms and suites with the ideal balance of luxury and comfort.

Calming Location and Atmosphere

Northern Quest Resort and Casino, located in Spokane, Washington, has a very alluring ambiance that charms guests as soon as they enter. The area itself oozes calmness and natural beauty, serving as a soothing background to the fun and entertainment that are to be found inside the resort.

A seamless fusion of warmth and refinement creates a welcoming environment where visitors may indulge, from the tastefully decorated interiors to the stunning vistas of the surrounding nature.

Plenty Of Gaming Options

Choose from over 1,600 slot machines, sit at one of the 37 live table games, and place bets in one of their smoke-free poker and gaming area to enjoy Craps, Roulette, Spanish 21, etc. With knowledgeable dealers and a thrilling environment that heightens the excitement of the game, plus designated places where you may test your luck and skill for those looking for exclusive and high-stakes gaming.

Additionally, the casino offers a variety of betting limits to accommodate players of all skill levels, guaranteeing that both casual and big rollers may find their ideal match. Northern Quest Resort & Casino offers countless chances for fantastic gaming experiences thanks to its wide variety of games and betting alternatives.

Fantastic Entertainment and Shows

Get ready to be amazed by the breathtaking live acts and events that the casino hosts. There is something for everyone's taste, from enthralling musical performances by musicians and bands to some of the greatest stand-up comedy acts that will have you giggling all night long!

On their website, you can check out all the upcoming events. For example, some of the following shows include John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band, The Avett Brothers, Milky Chance, etc.

Plenty Of Dining and Culinary Offerings

With a selection of restaurants and lounges, Nothern Quest Resort Casino is considered a top eating destination, where you can indulge in anything you desire, from a grand restaurant meal to a quick burger, to fun cocktails and drinks! Below are the different places you can try:

  • Highball: offers artisan beverages, luxury dining options, and a constantly changing entertainment schedule.
  • East Pan Asian Cuisine: Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Korean modern cuisine with tasty twists!
  • Neon Pizza: serving out massive, retro-styled pieces of cheesy New York-style pizza.
  • EPIC Sportsbar: enjoy the cozy vibes with warm food and big pints of beer.
  • Masselow's Steakhouse: featuring Prime steaks, and other exquisite alternatives, Masselow's is raising the bar for fantastic dining, combined with a glass of wine from their picked assortment.
  • Liquid: With premium spirits, handmade cocktails, wine, beer, and appetizers, you can relax and let loose!
  • Center Bar: enjoy all of your favorite drinks on the casino floor!
  • Riverbank Taphouse: VIP members can enjoy some of the finest drinks and crafted cocktails.
  • The Lounge at Masselow's: choose from various unique cigars produced worldwide and relax while sipping on a premium variety of premium spirits and drinks.

Aside from the bars and restaurants mentioned above, there are many more great spots for tasty meals!

Top-Notch Amenities and Facilities

With a great spa, professional therapists at the resort provide a variety of treatments and therapies to soothe your body and soul, where you may unwind and revitalize.

The casino's shopping offerings are guaranteed to please anyone needing some retail therapy. Discover a selection of boutique stores where you can get anything from chic apparel and accessories to one-of-a-kind presents and mementos. Furthermore, the all-ages venue guarantees that everyone in the family can enjoy events and activities, a fun arcade, and more!

Rewards and Loyalty Program

Northern Quest Resort and Casino has a special loyalty program called Camas Rewards. Camas Rewards will reward you with more points, comps, and money if you visit their casino, hotel, restaurants, and spa. Additionally, you may use the rewards points everywhere in Northern Quest, redeemable for cash or casino gaming credits, hotel stays, spa treatments, and dining across the resort with exclusive discounts.

Responsible Gaming Initiatives

Visitors at Nothern Quest Resort and Casino are given the tools to regulate their gambling behaviors and, if necessary, seek assistance. They also offer instructional materials and details on safe gaming.

Visitors can access resources that provide advice on setting boundaries, seeing the symptoms of problem gambling, and finding assistance options. The casino collaborates with organizations that fight gambling addiction to spread awareness and help those in need.

Friendly Customer Service

At Northern Quest, our customer service team is committed to offering top-notch assistance across various aspects, including gaming, dining recommendations, and general resort information. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service experience.

Community Engagement

The Kalispel Tribe of Indians proudly owns and runs Northern Quest Resort & Casino. The Tribe is dedicated to supporting the local communities in Pend Oreille and Spokane Counties by giving back to areas like education, health care, social services, arts, and environmental conservation.

Overall Experience

Just a few minutes from Spokane International Airport, indulge in the most extraordinary relaxation at their lavish spa, savor delicious eating at varied restaurants and lounges, and get ready to be entertained by some top performances.

Your doorway to an extraordinary experience that combines the thrill of gaming with the best facilities and entertainment awaits you at Northern Quest Resort & Casino. So wait no longer and prepare yourself for a unique and remarkable journey!