Little Creek Casino Resort

At Little Creek Casino Resort, you'll experience a wonderful time with plenty of options to cover your every need, from exquisite spa treatments to breathtaking scenic walks and plenty of fun at the casino, making it the perfect getaway!

Location and Atmosphere

This stunning resort and casino, Little Creek, is located in the incredible depths of south Shelton! Little Creek is a luxurious place to stay designed to cater to both families and couples, providing the ultimate relaxing vacation.

Little Creek Resort has a cozy, welcoming ambiance that wonderfully accentuates the area's breathtaking natural beauty. A golf course, arcade, and pool are among the family-friendly attractions available to visitors, while the casino offers adults an exciting gambling environment.

Plenty of Gaming Options

Little Creek Casino Resort provides an unrivaled gaming experience. There are countless chances to win large thanks to the extensive selection of slot machines, table games, and a sports betting room.

In one of the most spectacular full-service gaming establishments in the area, take advantage of smoke-free gaming, weekly tournaments, and amazing promos. This resort offers everything you need to get your pulse racing, whether you're seeking serious action at the poker table or want to have fun.

Fun Entertainment and Shows

Throughout the year, Little Creek Casino Resort provides various entertainment opportunities. Something fascinating is always going on, from big-name concerts and comedy performances to boxing matches, karaoke, DJs, and live bands. At the Skookum Creek Event Centre, you may take in a packed house, enjoy live music in the Starlight Lounge, or unwind in the Cigar Lounge. A unique and exciting experience is guaranteed at Little Creek Casino Resort.

Lavish Dining and Culinary Offerings

There are plenty of dining offerings to suit every kind of individual at Little Creek Casino Resort, as they have a collection of top-quality restaurants!

  • Water's Edge Cafe: Found in the gaming area, you'll enjoy some amazing comfort food here.
  • Boardwalk Marketplace: Here, individuals will get to experience the Creekside Wok, the Legends Cheesesteak venue, and the Kamilche Brick Oven Pizza.
  • Salish Cliffs Grille: Immerse yourself in a relaxed setting to enjoy fresh and contemporary food.
  • Starlight Lounge: Take advanatge of some great happy hours at the cozy pub!
  • Island Grille: Eat some top-notch dishes for brekkie and dinner.
  • Squaxin Island Seafood Bar: Enjoy some of the best fresh seafood around in this beautiful restaurant.

Superb Amenities and Facilities

Little Creek's lavish lodgings include generously sized rooms and suites with first-rate facilities aside from the fantastic and fun casino and an RV park for those who prefer the road trip experience.

The resort has an award-winning spa for visitors to completely lay back and relax with various outstanding treatments that will leave them feeling renewed! The golf club is also one of the main reasons to choose this resort, as it provides the perfect balanced experience.

Furthermore, there is an indoor heated pool as well as a fully equipped gym to feel and look your best at all times. And for those bringing children to the resort, there is a fun video game room to keep them entertained at all times!

Last but not least, there is a convenient gift shop where individuals can indulge in a bit of a shopping spree or buy something for their loved ones, as there is a bit of everything, including clothes, jewelry, home decor, and more.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs

At Little Creek Casino Resort, they work hard to show their loyal members how much they love and appreciate them by providing exclusive benefits and services. The more they play with the Club card as a member, the more rewards they'll get, including special offers, discounts, and other incentives that are intended to improve their gaming experience!

There is also an exclusive loyalty mobile app ready to launch, so players can keep updated on their progress and all the current offers they can take advantage of.

Exceptional Customer Service

The Little Creek Casino Resort's casino staff is renowned for providing excellent customer service. They are always courteous, helpful, and willing to help with any queries or issues. They are always eager to share their extensive knowledge of the casino's games, services, and promotions with visitors. The team gives first-rate customer service and extra services that improve the experience. The concierge may assist with dinner bookings, theatre tickets, and local knowledge.

Additionally, valet parking is available, making it simple for visitors to come and go in elegance and comfort. Overall, Little Creek Casino Resort's staff provides excellent customer service, ensuring visitors have a memorable and pleasurable experience.

Community Engagement

Little Creek Casino Resort is committed to delivering its visitors an outstanding gaming and entertainment experience and supporting the neighborhood. The casino has launched a number of philanthropic programs, including gifts to charities, sponsorships, and collaborations with neighborhood organizations.

For instance, to help neighborhood NGOs and spread awareness for various causes, the casino has sponsored and hosted many charity events, such as benefit concerts and golf tournaments. Little Creek Casino Resort collaborates with nearby schools, aiding fundraising initiatives and program development. These initiatives show the casino's dedication to contributing to the community in plenty of ways.

The Overall Experience

With its extensive selection of gaming possibilities, magnificent lodging options, and outstanding dining options, Little Creek Casino Resort provides guests with an exceptional experience. Little Creek has something for everyone, from the fantastic live entertainment to the thrill and excitement of table games and slot machines. Come and see everything Little Creek has to offer while making lifelong memories that won't fade soon!