Angel of the Winds Casino Resort

Welcome to the magnificent Stillaguamish Tribe-owned Angel of the Winds Casino Resort. The casino has consistently improved since it opened on the tribal property in 2004. It recently expanded in 2019, offering state-of-the-art entertainment venues, various eating options, abundant parking, and additional lodging and gaming spaces.

Angel of the Winds Casino Resort has established a warm, inviting ambiance that genuinely sets it apart. Prepare to experience the thrills and discover why Angel of the Winds Casino Resort is called the "World's Friendliest Casino" in the industry.

Lively Location and Friendly Atmosphere

Angel of the Winds Casino Resort provides an attractive setting and a lively ambiance. The Stillaguamish Tribe owns the property on which the resort is located, which gives it access to a serene and beautiful setting that enhances the whole experience.

A welcoming atmosphere greets you when you enter the property, and thoughtful planning and attention to detail provide a captivating and engaging environment for visitors to enjoy. The setting and ambiance of Angel of the Winds Casino Resort offer the ideal backdrop for a fantastic stay, whether searching for exhilarating gaming activity or just wanting to unwind and relax in the depths of the wilderness.

Top-Notch Gaming Options

The broad gaming choices at Angel of the Winds Casino are tailored to each player's requirements. There is something for everyone looking for exhilarating spins and significant payouts among the 1,600 slot machines with well-known games and captivating themes.

The casino offers a fantastic selection of table games, including all-time favorites like blackjack, craps, pai gow, poker, and roulette. The friendly and welcoming hosts also provide an immersive environment that keeps the heart rate up. No matter your experience level, Angel of the Winds Casino offers various betting limits to suit your preferences!

Exciting Entertainment and Shows

The outstanding live entertainment options available at Angel of the Winds Casino are famous for enhancing the entire visitor experience in a vivid and enthralling way. The River Run Event Center hosts well-known bands and captivating entertainers all throughout the year.

Their Gateway Bar & Lounge is home to fun nights filled with live music, karaoke, stand-up, games, and other entertainment that will provide all the fun! The casino also has Strikerz Bowling, where visitors of all ages can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. Lastly, ten sports simulators offer a variety of gaming styles to practice and enjoy.

The meticulous selection of performers demonstrates the casino's dedication to providing a comprehensive entertainment experience and acts that consider customers' varied interests and preferences. There is always something fascinating going on on the stage at Angel of the Winds Casino, whether you're a comedy, theatre, or music fan. The casino's live entertainment cultivates a vibrant and exciting atmosphere that enhances the enjoyment of the trip in general.

Excellent Dining and Culinary Offerings

The resort offers various eating establishments, each with its ambiance and style. The dining selections at Angel of the Winds Casino Resort are sure to please and create a lasting impression, whether you're looking for a casual lunch with friends or a spectacular fine dining experience. Below are the options available:

  • Whiskey Prime Steakhouse: Enjoy top-quality fine dining in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy solo or with your loved ones, with exquisite plates and first-class drinks.
  • Jade Fusion: Enjoy the variety of dishes on our menu at Jade Fusion that come from all throughout Southeast Asia! You will want to experience Jade Fusion's incredible cuisine.
  • 210 Brewing Co: The first tribally owned brewery in Washington State serves up award-winning brews. Containing various types to satisfy almost every preference, including seasonal variations and guest taps. They also have delicious pizzas, pub meals, breakfasts, and more!
  • Katie's Kitchen: Indulge in yummy fast food, whether you're craving a quick snack or a delicious burger.
  • Angel Eats: This restaurant is close to Strikerz Bowling and the Rivers Run Event Centre and offers food to help you keep going and having fun.
  • Playa Bonita: Explore exotic Mexican dishes all day, from cheesy nachos to yummy tacos!

Aside from the restaurants, Angel of the Winds Casino Resort has plenty of amazing bars and lounges to enjoy some of the finest beverages, whether you are seeking handcrafted cocktails or a warm coffee. The options available are Gravity Bar, Gateway Lounge, Equator Coffee Bar, Bear's Den, and The Grind.

Amenities and Facilities

To improve visitors' experience, Angel of the Winds Casino Resort provides a variety of facilities. The resort offers an opulent hotel with cozy lodgings that let visitors unwind. For those seeking some shopping, there is a fantastic shop where visitors can purchase jewels, art pieces by local artists, bags, vapes, and other souvenirs by many brands, including Ariat, Hobo, Corkcicle, Northern Lights, and Silver Forest, amongst a few others.

The Angel of the Winds Casino Resort also offers plenty of parking for the convenience of its visitors. The resort takes pride in its dedication to accessibility and offers services and facilities that are wheelchair-accessible. Angel of the Winds Casino Resort offers various amenities to guarantee a memorable and pleasurable stay, regardless of whether visitors want leisure, recreation, or entertainment.

Rewards Club

Joining the Players Club at Angel of the Winds Casino Resort comprises eight levels: Aspire, Adventure, Odyssey, Hero, Voyage, Expedition, Apex, and Summit. Begin the climb and access ever-greater savings and benefits, and take advanatge of dining discounts, player portal access, concert ticket discounts, and cashable rewards!

Responsible Gaming Initiatives

Responsible gambling is something that Angel of the Winds Casino Resort is dedicated to encouraging. They have implemented several programs and procedures to protect their visitors' safety. The casino offers tools and knowledge on responsible gambling, such as self-exclusion programs that let people limit their access to gaming if necessary. They also provide assistance and educational resources for anyone who could be having problems with gambling.

To help people in need, Angel of the Winds Casino Resort collaborates with institutions that support and treat gambling addiction. Angel of the Winds Casino Resort prioritizes responsible gambling to provide all visitors with a secure and entertaining atmosphere.

Welcoming Customer Service

With the staff's well-known warmth and friendliness, visitors consistently report feeling appreciated and cared for during their stay. The customer service team is committed to giving patrons a satisfying and memorable experience, whether they are interacting with them at the hotel front desk, the gaming floor, or the eating outlets.

Community Engagement

Angel of the Winds Casino Resort is strongly committed to civic involvement and actively participates in the upkeep of the neighborhood. Additionally, the casino resort hosts activities and charity events to promote community cohesion and cooperation and generate money for nearby nonprofits.

For instance, The Tribe gave $2,334,847.65 to community organizations in 2020, including the Arlington Boys and Girls, Oso, and Darrington Fire Departments, Stanwood Camano Island Food Bank, and more.

Overall Experience

Visitors can anticipate a wonderful time at Angel of the Winds Casino Resort, packed with excitement, entertainment, and top-notch service. The helpful staff's pleasant atmosphere from when you arrive makes you feel at home. So if you are looking for a vacation or a simple gateway, this is the place to go!